• Introduction to Healthcare Digital Marketing

    Published on : 27 Jun, 2019

    Where do we go to check out new information?.  what do we do when have to know more about a product or a service offerings quality. Yes we all go ONLINE. Google is the worlds number one search engine and also one website that has one of the most traffics that it caters to everyday. There are ar ...

  • Digital Saline Helping Doctors Build their Practice Digitally

    Published on : 28 Jun, 2019

    Here we discuss the best digital marketing practices for healthcare businesses, digital marketing for Doctors and hospitals, healthcare companies and much more ...

  • Digital Marketing for Orthopedic Doctor

    Published on : 12 Aug, 2019

    We will discuss the best digital marketing practices for orthopedic Doctors to increase their practice. ...

  • Google Ads for Doctors and Heathcare Business

    Published on : 23 Aug, 2019

    Experts from DIGITAL SALINE, the healthcare digital marketing agency, discuss the utility of Google ads for Doctors and the best practices to ensure best results for the same. ...

  • Digital Reach for your business when the world faces coronavirus threat.

    Published on : 19 May, 2020

    Today as the world faces imminent coronavirus threat, healthcare practitioners and businesses can utilize the time efficiently by utilizing the digital medium to engage efficiently with their potential customers. ...

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