What are the Best Ways to Improve Healthcare Marketing?

Digital as a part of life

Digital is a part of all aspects of our life today. Our social life is dominated by social networks, likewise there are networks that people use for work related networking. Healthcare isn’t any different. Anyone’s first response, nowadays, in order to search for Health related queries would be to look for answers on the Internet. Healthcare Digital Marketing therefore has a major role to play for promotion of Healthcare brands and services.

Much data suggests that people check out for their symptoms online to know more about their conditions. They also cross check on the treatment they have been prescribed and also look out for reviews and side effects of a drug or a treatment.

For many other things and for topics related to healthcare as well, Forums on platforms like Quora are very popular for people to get insights from others suffering from a similar condition or others who wish to give reviews for a brand or service they have used.

Healthcare digital marketing therefore has immense potential, right from handling queries and questions posted in these forums to managing a negative or a bad review, before it causes further damage to a business’s online reputation.

Learning for Healthcare Businesses

Reviews on the internet are for everyone to see. Healthcare businesses need to very careful about handling issues, especially pertaining to safety and efficacy of their products with the right sensibility to ensure that the Brand or company comes across as someone who cares and is willing to
1.) Accept and learn from its mistakes and
2.) Is taking the right steps to ensure that corrective and preventive action is taken to avoid the same in case of an unfortunate experience.

The entire spectrum of Healthcare Digital Marketing includes building a strong online presence and making sure that there is constant online reputation management. There are instances where our political leaders have taken notice and swift action for Tweets from people in desperate situations. The politician in this case garnered rave reviews for her action. Healthcare marketing can learn a lesson or two from the above example. People appreciate a brand that takes notice and they appreciate even more when they see that action is being taken for their comments. You can notice the positive feedback and comments to your actions on the same social networks or platforms.

Healthcare Digital marketing can and should be used to score brownie points from a seemingly negative situation or a bad comment or review. If you respond appropriately, people will always look at your reply and understand the situation much better.

Starting up with Healthcare Digital marketing


Any digital marketing starts with your online web presence and your website can be the key to your success if done right. If not done right, then you might falter despite working very hard on other factors of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google advertisements, Facebook engagements or looking at other platforms for social media marketing.

Similarly, your website is the backbone of your Healthcare digital marketing that you are planning to undertake for your Healthcare brand or company. Some basics for website content and development remain the same across industries, namely placing important content, call to action above the fold or on the first scroll. The website needs to have easy navigability with internal linking for key pages of your website.

Also importantly newer and latest content needs to be added to the blogs page in line for On-page Search Engine optimization (SEO) in order to rank your website higher. Healthcare Digital Marketing involves off page Search engine optimization as well in the form of replying to relevant forums on other websites and getting quality back links for your site in return.

Building strong Healthcare Digital marketing strategy

All these initiatives will help in building a strong healthcare digital marketing foundation for healthcare businesses. In today’s digital age where more than 50% of the patients are likely to use healthcare sites for information, healthcare businesses need to make sure that the right information for their product or service is passed online.

More and more people are using social media to learn from other’s health experience. Physicians have taken the right initiative and in some developed countries, more and more physicians have started contributing to different online platforms on a regular basis.

Healthcare providers are themselves accessing the social media more than the general population and most are also utilizing the internet to seek newer insights with respect to their area of specialization. In response, many healthcare companies have taken necessary steps to start with some form of Healthcare digital marketing and others have plans to do so in the time to come.

Rarely will you come across a healthcare organization, irrespective of its size of business, which would not find value in utilizing the digital medium for healthcare marketing. It is natural for companies to evaluate their options, calculate the return on investments for their business and then strategize accordingly.

Improving Healthcare digital marketing is of essence and is a natural process that will take place when more and more organizations start utilizing this option and get better at it. Another important aspect of Healthcare digital marketing and which is true for any marketing initiative that you undertake, is learning from what’s working for you and what’s not.

Simple strategies like allocating a sizeable portion of your budget for what has yielded results in the pilot run will make sure that your resources are utilized efficiently. Also an added advantage of Healthcare digital marketing is that it is cost effective because it allows you to target the audience that you want to showcase your advertisements to.

Certainly audience from certain social media may be more suitable for your brand and you may decide to allocate more budget for the same, small budget pilot runs might help exploring newer platforms to reach out to your potential customer.

Healthcare Digital marketing is certain to impact more lives than any other form of marketing, digital or otherwise. Simple digital marketing initiatives by Healthcare businesses will go a long way in in positively impacting many lives worldwide.

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