Understanding the Indian Consumer : From the Digital Healthcare marketing perspective

ASTROLOGY, BOLLYWOOD, CRICKET and DEVOTION are the most common content which is accessed by an Indian consumer online. Therefore HEALTH is clearly not a priority. Also statistics worldwide have showcased that content related to LEISURE and ENTERTAINMENT take precedence in the online world over more meaningful pursuits in life. 

The top players in the DATA and social media business namely JIO and FACEBOOK understand the same and have one thing in COMMON - which is to promote leisure, however there is a bright side to it as well. Some do argue that in the bargain people are motivated to adopt these technologies. 

There are however concerns that the TRUE potential of the internet might never be realized due to focus on superficial CONTENT. 
Also of interest is the fact that the low rung of the society would prefer spending significant time on SOCIAL MEDIA and like and whereas the upper class is more likely to engage in MEANINGFUL pursuits. What is MEANINGFUL can always be questionable and can mean different for different people.  

Brands can face a BIG CHALLENGE for healthcare digital marketing, especially in making sure that the sensitivity of the brand is maintained and at the same time it manages to create an appeal for the consumer being targeted. 
Social media presents a unique opportunity for Healthcare marketing for pharmaceutical and over the counter (OTC) marketing in reaching out to their target customers, Doctors in the case of pharmaceutical companies and the Consumer in the case of FMCG brands. 

The largest base for FACEBOOK USERS is India, with last reports claiming that the user base being much more than its user base in the US.  Digital marketing for Healthcare brands can be effectively done via utilizing these social media channels to reach out to the target customers. 

The Facebook Ads platform also integrates with instagram which is more preferred by the younger generation of today. Healthcare marketing including marketing to Doctors need to effectively add digital marketing to strengthen its capabilities since its field force is presently facing challenges such as lack of time in the Doctors clinic and too much competition between generic brands. 

Even if healthcare choose not to ENTERTAIN its customers you will have to certainly ENGAGE them and the way to do so efficiently is through these digital channels for healthcare marketing. Not only are these channels cost effective, they can also be used for targeting and retargeting options based on the customer journey that the digital funnel that you design and execute for promoting your healthcare brand. 

•  Build a dedicated, responsive website for your healthcare brand
• Have in- built PUSH NOTIFICATIONs on the website. You can choose from the various FREE and PAID options available out there. You can send these notifications when
1. You have a new blog coming up
2.Have new offers that you want customers to know about
• Get regular FEEDBACK from your customers and respond to all kinds of feedback with empathy
• Offer FREE VIDEOS/ E- BOOK in response to customers EMAIL addresses. 
• Use these EMAILs for email marketing campaigns 

For successful healthcare marketing, Brands have to find a way for ENGAGING and RE ENGAGING with their customers. The key to this is consistently coming up with content that is informative and unbiased which will be appreciated more. 
Your Digital health agency needs to make certain to come up with engaging content for your audience to help win more leads and conversions for your business to grow. 

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