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Evolving trends for marketing of Healthcare businesses

If you have a healthcare business that you are responsible for, you would be looking at different ways to effectively market and reach out to potential customers. Digital Saline can help you with healthcare marketing for your business.

There may have been instances wherein you question, ‘which is the best healthcare marketing agency in India? or  ‘how to market your healthcare brand’ or ‘which is the best digital marketing company in Mumbai’?

Well, the answer is Digital Saline. So, how can Digital Saline help?
-It is very cost effective. 
-It specializes in social media marketing for doctors.
-It has a Doctor at the helm who brings to the fore his medical knowledge along with his proficiency of digital marketing. 
- It provides analysis reports to track where your money was spent and what was the audience that interacted with your digital marketing campaign.

Healthcare Marketing has evolved with the changing times from print, radio and TV to the Internet. The main advantage of Internet marketing being, these digital healthcare platforms directly help to connect doctors, hospitals and medical businesses directly to their target audience, i.e. patients. This is a welcome change from the traditional means of marketing for healthcare businesses, where you would target all the population present in a given location and hope that it delivers the results that you expected from the amount spend on your campaigns.

Even small healthcare businesses have started to feel the need for more effective means to reach out to their potential customer and also engage them. In today’s world where information travels fast with improved internet speeds, healthcare marketing and digital healthcare needs to stay relevant, focused and more engaging than ever before.

It is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” you start to expand the horizon of healthcare marketing to encompass Digital Healthcare Marketing to deliver the results that you are looking for and stay relevant in today’s times of high-speed internet and information transfer. Customers today expect grievance redressal at the earliest or at least the brand or healthcare company to listen and give some feedback if they have dropped a complaint.

Online reputation management is a critical aspect of Healthcare marketing.

Imagine a scenario where a patient, client or customer has felt not satisfied with your service or product. The person is likely to vent off his anger on social media if he feels miserable about it. What would you do in such a scenario?

Situations like these can happen to any and you can take advice from companies specializing in Healthcare Marketing, digital healthcare marketing to be more precise. The right advice to give in this situation is to give a reply where you sound concerned and genuine. Also, make sure that your side of the story is explained well.

What is more important is to address the issue than to go about having a verbal bout on the internet. This will be harmful for your reputation. Everyone gets bad or not so happening reviews once in a while, what becomes more important is how you choose to handle the situation. Remember your every communication needs to put you in the right light by the right hands!

Situations like these can happen to any doctor or medical practitioner. At such times it is advisable to have a leading digital healthcare agency to project a positive social media reputation for your brand or medical practice.

People are increasingly looking at Google and other reviews to decide on the businesses they want to hire or buy from. Healthcare is no different. An increasing number of Data has shown that patients are likely to choose Doctors with a strong online presence. Healthcare marketing will change in the days to come and that will be in line with the market dynamics of today.

This will be true and more relevant for larger businesses as well and Healthcare companies have made sure that they respond to a client who has not been too pleased with their services and has gone ahead to express him or herself on Twitter or other social media websites. That is the power of the Internet.

The changing face of Healthcare marketing would include proactively giving loyal customers something to talk about, make sure your loyal customers stay loyal to your brand and also influence others to do so. Simple social media exercises such as posting engaging content on different platforms can go a long way in building a brand image.

You have to respond appropriately to negative comments, but more importantly, you have to take the initiative to create the right vibe. Healthcare marketing on the digital platform is gaining more importance because of the changing dynamics of customer interaction. Luckily, healthcare marketing utilizing the digital platform is much more efficient and if done right, can yield positive results for your business far beyond your expectations. With initiatives like Digital India and Make In India, the medical and pharmaceutical industry are going to get a further boost and will require a strong presence on digital platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Healthcare marketing

Keeping the negative comments and feedback aside, Healthcare businesses are increasingly focusing on making sure that they are able to showcase their business website on top of the Google search engine results page. Google is after all the world’s most visited website and Healthcare brands are making sure that they are ranked for the keywords that their potential customers are likely to search for.

We will discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for healthcare marketing in greater detail in our next blog titled – “What are the best ways to improve healthcare marketing?”. where we will discuss in detail SEO and its impact in influencing traffic to your website and invariably more revenue for your healthcare business.

Healthcare marketing, in particular utilizing the Digital platform involves the utilization of different platforms, keeping in mind the sensibilities of the audience present. Google makes its revenue from advertising on its website and other platforms of its parent company (Alphabet).

Google Advertisements after the necessary research and targeting helps in connecting Healthcare businesses to the right audience. The catch is in balancing the budget for the pay per click (PPC) google advertisements which includes parameters of website quality (quality score) as well. Google search algorithm wants to ensure that only relevant searches are showcased to the person who is searching for a particular service or product.

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Healthcare marketing is no different and needs to keep pace with changes in the algorithms of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and like. Long tail keywords are going to play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2019 and beyond. Healthcare businesses would need to upgrade their healthcare marketing strategies in order to make sure that they are ranking higher on different search engine results page.

Healthcare businesses do have the option of approaching Digital Healthcare agencies to help them promote their businesses. The most successful Healthcare agency would be one that has an understanding of its clients business, where it stands as of today, what the doctor/healthcare agency wishes to achieve by getting on the web. That coupled with studying the competition, developing and executing a funnel strategy for client acquisition can surely be of a great benefit for Healthcare marketing of your business or service. The doctor and agency should then discuss Google Ads or Social Media Ads and its effect on the particular healthcare business.  How advertising can help to boost the business by increasing patient awareness, by increasing footfall to the clinic or by creating a brand image for the practice will be sufficiently measurable by digital analytics provided by the digital agency.

The key here is to find a reputable digital marketing agency that has experience in dealing with doctors and healthcare professionals.

Digital Saline today ranks as one of the Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies for Healthcare Providers. Get your healthcare business updated now!

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