How Doctors can get a 5 STAR review for their CLINIC or HOSPITAL on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

If you are a Doctor practicing at multiple clinics, or who works out of his individual clinic, the below rating on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, will boost your CLINIC’s ONLINE reputation. Data clearly shows that the reviews and ratings that are available online can be an influencing factor for a patient who is looking online for a Doctor or Hospital for his or her condition.



Why you should work on your Google My Business page: 
• More than 80 % of all SEARCHES happen on Google and the results are displayed including for healthcare providers are the one’s which are closest to the physical location of the SEARCHER or patient.
• If you have a verified account on Google my Business you increase your chances many fold to be seen there.
• Commonly 3 results are shown and if you are seen there, more patients are likely to click on your profile.
• Verified profile with good ratings and reviews can tell Google that you are genuine.

One of our Clients was facing an issue with online reputation for their clinical practice. They had listed their practice on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, which is a good step to get started with Digital marketing for Doctors. However, a few patients who were not satisfied with the clinics service, for one reason or another, described their experiences in detail on the clinics Google my business page. These patients had also given 1 star or a 2 star rating for the CLINIC on its Google my business page. 

Ideally the Doctors should have been empathetic in their reply to these negative comments. However, they tried to reply in a manner which they felt was right. However, from a third persons perspective who would look at those comments it would came across as arrogant and did the business more harm than good. 

At Digital Saline, we soon realized the core issue and decided to do a turnaround of the Clinic’s Google my Business page ratings. Following were the steps we decided to work upon to improve the online reputation for said Doctors and their clinical practice’s online reputation. 

1.) We built a FEEDBACK page on the Clinics website and decided to shoot SMS’s to all patients visiting the clinic with the link to the page. The patient was asked to rate their experience as Good or Bad. 
2.) We filtered the NEGATIVE COMMENTS and asked them further of how we could address the same. The negative comments were filtered, and the clinic receptionist was trained to handle these patients and specifically investigate their problems and try to address the same. 
3.) Any negative comments were replied with empathy and hearing the patient out completely. The Doctors point of view was also put across in a manner where the patients could also see the reason which might have led to the patient’s disappointment. 
4.) The positive comments were directed to GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PAGE and patients were requested to share their positive experiences at the clinic. 
5.) Regular posting in the form of video, pictures, links to blogs and podcasts help a lot in online reputation building. 
All the above activities helped the Doctor build a stellar online reputation over time. The positive reviews were enough to ensure good ratings over a period of time. 

Importantly we managed to take care of the negative reviews at our end (on the website) and ensured they were addressed at our end before they went online.  

Data points out that a person with a negative experience is 2 – 3 TIMES more likely to express himself online than a person who has a positive experience. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we HIGHLIGHT the positive with smart use of digital tools for Doctors.
In a world where people are increasingly looking online for information concerning their health, building the right reputation online becomes the need of the hour. If you want more patients to flock to your clinic or hospital, it is very essential to take the right steps for healthcare digital marketing.
One important piece of advice that we would like to share with you if you are getting started with your digital marketing for healthcare journey is to avoid spamming techniques, fake reviews or too many reviews from a single laptop. Your account may get blocked, and these are referred to as Black hat SEO techniques which will do more harm than good in the long term. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on the right healthcare digital marketing agency, to help you meet your online goals.  Online reputation building for Doctors takes time and it is an ongoing process. Your Agency needs to keep working on it ethically. Kindly beware of someone who offers you fake reviews and quick results by undertaking the above activities. 

If you are very new and getting started with online reputation management for Doctors or need any specific advice with digital marketing for doctors or hospitals, healthcare startups or companies, we would be happy to advice and help you to reach good reviews and ratings for your business.

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