Google Ads For Doctors - 3 Key Points to Get it Right

Healthcare marketing is governed by different regulation. The HIPAA regulates the medical practice in US and in India there is the Medical Council of India or the recently formed National Medical Commission. 
Your clinic or hospital can market themselves online as well as offline, and you must make certain that you choose those domain names for your website.

Making sure of the following factors would help you with Google Ads for your clinic or hospital:

1.) Setting the right budget: You may want to cut down on the costs however, these ads typically pay per click ads. What this means is that if enough number of patients have already clicked on your ads and exhausted your budget, your ad will not showcase to the next prospective client. Therefore, your digital agency needs to factor that and optimize your ads accordingly. 
We can help you with the approximate budget after some research on the said topic, but you need to understand that not all patients who click on your ad, will make a call to your clinic or leave a message, but it still worth to get them to our website through our Google ads and getting those new patients is totally worth it. 

2.) Getting the website right: This point cannot be stresses enough.! In fact, that is the advice we would like to give all our clients, doctors, hospital, healthcare startups or pharma companies. If your website is outdated, taking too long to load, people find it difficult to find forms or phone numbers, then people would turn away from your website and you end up wasting your ad budget.

Search engines have algorithms to determine the Quality Score of your ad, which depends on your website as well. When we look at assignments for Google Ads, we end up sometimes redoing the entire website even before we get started with the Ads. That is a must since poor quality websites run the risk of not been shown, because of lower quality score. We are very efficient at Digital marketing for Doctors and in fact Google Ads happens to be our forte.!

3.) Engaging and Closing the Loop:  The important aspect is that key CALL TO ACTIONS such as your email address, CONTACT NUMBER. Also, it helps is there is a backend developed where data for queries get stored. We make certain that we develop a functional backend for our clients which includes functionalities for updating blogs, videos and like. These features are very important from an engagement standpoint. The person handling queries at your clinic or hospital might surely benefit from more training to convert those leads that we have got from our Google Ads. These patients are looking forward to booking an appointment and all of these factors need to work in sync for the best results.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare requires all pieces to work efficiently – your budget needs to be adequate, your website must be up to the mark and finally the follow-up or appointment booking process should be seamless.

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