Easy and free ways for doctors to connect with patients online

Internet has influenced everyone’s life right from households to small local businesses and multinational companies; health care is not an exception, you may come across increasing number of health care professionals who make use of online resources to enhance patient experience.

We have listed down a few points importance to help Doctors connect with their targeted patient population.

Boost Patient Engagement with the help of digital marketing:

A study revealed that 52% of consumers in USA search online for their health concerns, this trend will increase in the days to come. Keeping this in context, all healthcare providers need to focus on digital marketing to increase awareness amongst the targeted population in order to boost their consumer base. Following are some digital marketing strategies to enhance digital influence of a health care professional.

I. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that emphasizes brand awareness by creating and sharing content like images, videos, info graphics and blog posts. Medical content needs specialized skills and content also needs to be tailored in local language for maximum impact.

A number of free online resources (that support content creation and content sharing) benefit doctors in awareness of their health care facilities. Let us explore these sources:

A. Blogs

Health blogs not only provide useful information to people about their health care but also help a doctor/ hospital to engage with potential patients. More the content a doctor publishes in the form of blogs, more will be the chance to appear in search engines; another way, a doctor may benefit from a blog is communicating to readers through its comment section.. JUST MEDICAL ADVICE is a platform where Doctors can sign up for FREE and upload their blogs and also ask their patients to follow them for further information.

B. Content Creation

Free online resources for content creation support graphic designing, video generation, info graphics designing. Using graphic designing sources like Snappa, Canva, Freepik etc a health care professional can design images to be used for content marketing. These websites also support info graphics designing services that are a great tool for online marketing. Similarly, they can use free online video generation softwares like Filmora, Flixpress etc. There are a lot of online platforms where professionals share content to boost their businesses like Youtube, Tune.pk, Dailymotion etc; health care professionals can do the same for promoting their consumer base.

C. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another free online resource to engage patients; these emails may be informative or conversion oriented. Emails not only enhance patient engagement but also contribute towards brand development. With the help of applications sending bulk emails, doctors can connect to a large number of potential patients. Mailchimp is an easy to use site to send bulk emails.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing quality and quantity of the traffic organically towards a website or blog. It consists of number of actions to be taken to rank a website at the top of search engine result page (SERP) most important of which is creation of appropriate content i.e. keywords based content (keywords are search terms that a user usually enters in search bar of the search engine while browsing on the search engine). While writing blogs, health care professionals must research keywords and incorporate it in the content. Search engine optimized content will divert traffic towards health care website that will increase brand awareness and in turn health care services will be promoted and marketed automatically. Thus search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that will enhance consumer base of a health care professional for free.

E. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms play a great role in the promotion of a product or service, they have both paid and unpaid features for this purpose. Most common platforms and their free features have been disclosed below:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the best platform to promote products and services. Facebook groups and facebook pages both offer the opportunity to grow large audience network. Any form of content can be shared there; health care professionals can share informative posts there and promote their health care business. Other useful features of Facebook for promotion of health care or any type of services are event creation, search optimization through tagging i.e. Hashtag.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a platform that introduced the feature of tagging i.e. hashtag. Doctors can easily increase the number of followers on twitter, once there are considerable number of followers, they may be reached by posting tweets daily. This helps a doctor to enhance its consumer base without any remarkable efforts.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that helps to promote various businesses including local as well as online businesses and websites or blogs. Professionals update their profiles there and clients reach through these profiles; health care professionals can do the same to market their services for free.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform, it is known for its unique format for creating and sharing story. Instagram is helping professionals to connect to a number of clients online; health care professionals can also interact and engage to patients online through Instagram, moreover they may attract potential customers by sharing images related to diet, fitness and other health care concerns.

5. Google +

Like other social media platforms, Google + also provides the feature of creating profile. Whenever a patient will try to search a health care professional, profiles of all doctors will be shown to him those will be providing that services for which he is looking for. Google + is powered by Google so it is best way to connect to those patients who will search using this search engine.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform specially developed for professionals. Health care professionals can connect to patients belonging to other professions through it. Moreover, doctors can write content for LinkedIn blog that is published with the name of the writer.

II. Other resources to connect patients online: A. Google Maps

Doctors must update location using Google maps, in this way; they will not only appear in Google search engine results but also get access to people near the location of their facility whenever people in that locality will explore Google Maps

B. Business Directory Sites

Doctors must update their address, phone number, email address and website URL in various business directory sites; it will not provide an opportunity to access more patients but also improve the ranking of their websites.

C. Forums and other sites

One of the most important ways to improve patient engagement is building forums related to health care. At forum, a large number of people discuss their health and fitness issues with each other as well as doctor; forum discussions not only support patient engagements but also assist in brand development.

D. Mobile Apps

Health care professionals must develop application for their health care facilities, these apps aid in patient engagement process by effective communication and provision of necessary information.

III. Conclusion

In this era of information technology, people tend to use online resources for getting information about their health issue and general well being; due to this fact, a health care professional must ensure its online presence. To ensure online presence, there are a lot of free online resources that health care professionals may use like social media, SEO and discussion forums etc. These online platforms offer improved patient engagement and an opportunity to market (health care facilities) effectively.

Do not get overwhelmed, you can get started by using JUST MEDICAL ADVICE to upload your blogs and content. If you need further information and support, we can help you digital marketing for your healthcare business. You can call us at +918928418159 to get further information.

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