Digital reach for your business when the world is facing Corona.

Today the world faces imminent threat in the form of Coronavirus infection gripping different parts of the world with a lot of cases now surfacing in Mumbai,  Maharashtra, and India as well.  As the government plans different initiatives to prevent the spread of the Deadly virus such as self-isolation,  50% reduction  of workers in offices, many businesses have come to a standstill because of the present situation, which none of the folks predicted would impact the way it has today. 

All businesses, including  Healthcare business’s need to focus on the digital medium to reach out to engage effectively with their clients.  Below are the ways and means to do so:

1.Create a Social Media Page and GO LIVE:  

Create a social media page on popular social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn ( if you believe Tik Tok, it's left up to you, since the platform has seen a huge number of members in recent times).  Start putting engaging content in the form of videos, pictures, and audios (podcasts). Best way to use these platforms to go live and create some public awareness,  especially if you are a doctor or Healthcare organization. The present social media algorithm puts GOING LIVE as a notification for all the people connected to your page so that you can reach a lot of your audience organically (i.e without spending on paid advertisements on these platforms). However remember that engagement is a continuous,  ongoing process and if you previously engaged with people and have liked/ shared/commented (engaged) with your content. then going live in times like these would really help you.  If you are starting a completely fresh page you might have to go in for paid advertisements to reach out to your target audience. 

2. Continue with Google paid ads:  
Right now the search for your business may be very low on Google because people would be searching for “Coronavirus” or  “Coronavirus latest numbers” and be less occupied with  things that are not required on a high priority (which may be your business, at this point in time). However remember that if fewer people are searching for it, then your ad would also be shown less and you would be charged accordingly.  Google is the preferred search platform for many folks to search for your kind of business. 


Google has been recently asking people to update their work hours in case they have been altered because of the ongoing Coronavirus spread.  Your website also needs to mention any changes in the work timing or processes on the home page itself so that people are aware of the same.  Also, you can have content that is relevant to creating Healthcare awareness and reducing panic in this situation. 

4.Effective use of  Digital Media and Tools:  

This is also the ideal time to create good quality relevant content in the form of videos to be posted on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  Audios (Podcast) where you can discuss the impact to business and what are the Strategies undertaken to ensure that business continues,  maybe via the digital medium need to be highlighted.  An important example of this is the telemedicine route opted by many top doctors in India,  in order to serve patients. This is an ideal step which doctors have taken to prevent the gathering of patients in their waiting areas, since some of these patients may be immunocompromised.  Steps like these can go a long way in the fight against Coronavirus. 

Key points to remember when you're working on your online profile:

Remember that brand building is an ongoing exercise and you need to keep working on it on a regular basis. It  extends beyond your logo and encompasses what you stand for,  which needs to be communicated effectively and regularly via all possible mediums.

Ensure that your campaigns are optimized for the present scenario. 
Make sure that your communication in these trying times is empathetic and utmost care is taken to ensure that it does not come across as humorous, conveying false information or making claims which are not backed by data. 

At Digital Saline, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our clients and their healthcare brands utilize the digital medium effectively in order to best engage with the population at large. 

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