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Orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai?” is what your patient would search when he or she is faced with back, knee, hip or any other musculoskeletal pain. Does your website have these words? Do you have a website that does justice to your online presence?

Now let’s look at patients suffering from progressive osteoarthritis of knee who have to undergo a knee replacement surgery. That is the big decision for the patient and his family and involves significant cost as well.

Then the patient or family would search for best knee replacement doctor in Mumbai or knee replacement doctor near me.

(Keywords are common words that people tend to type in Google search bar to find out more about the service/ information they are looking for)

Orthopedic doctors also have special interests including arthroscopy, knee and/ or hip replacement, spine surgery and like. You need to make sure that your website (if you have one) has these keywords and also include them in the Title and meta description-, which will help your website rank better when someone searches for your relevant keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are all the activities that a healthcare digital agency like Digital Saline would undertake to help rank your website when your patient searches for on Google.

Today’s patient will not rely on his general practitioner's advice and will do a Google search as well to try and find more about the Surgeon for his operation.

From word of mouth recommendations to doctor references to web search, patients are becoming aware of the choices they have, in order to find a good orthopedic doctor.

Digitalization has largely helped connect doctors and patients.

Google statistics have indicated that the keyword ‘orthopedics’, receives between 30,000 to 71,000 searches per month. Long tail keywords such as Orthopedic doctor in Chembur or Knee replacement doctor in Mulund would have different searches per month.  So this is reason enough for an orthopedic doctor to be visible online. Online marketing for orthopedic practice is essential for:

1. Finding new patients:
There are a number of orthopedic doctors who are setting up specialty clinics for specific treatments related to knee or hip. They need a marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to their website converting them to new patients in the clinic. So the first step is to have a keyword friendly website/ SEO optimized website. Keywords like arthritis, torn ligament, Total knee replacement (TKR) and hip replacement amongst others help to increase organic traffic to your website. More the clicks to your website, the higher the Google ranking.  At Digital Saline, we have a team of Doctors, Digital marketing experts and web developers to help you with all your SEO requirements. In fact our Founder is a medical doctor who has previous experience into medico-marketing working for different pharmaceutical companies, which separates us from the other digital agencies out there who clearly lack the medical expertise and acumen to develop and deliver high quality medical content.

2. Guiding new patients to you by way of location, address and map, phone details and book appointment button: Google my business is a very important tool for the same.

3. Web design is all about presentation and easy to navigate. A good website,

- Makes a point very fast (maybe in a few seconds!!)

- Helps prospective patient to stay on your website reading pertinent information- engages with video, blogs and other content

-Assists to obtain information about the doctor’s specialty, the location, book an appointment, talk to a specialist all of which easily lead the patient to the doctor

4. Informing patients about your practice through ‘About Us’, so they can take an informed decision before visiting your clinic/hospital: Before visiting an orthopedic practitioner near by, it is important for a person to know more about the clinic and about the doctor and his super-specialization. Today patients like to run their own background checks on the doctor before visiting him/her. They prefer to know the doctors skills and area of specialization before bringing an ailment to them. Also awards and recognition, affiliations with hospitals build confidence in the patient to visit you.

5. To educate patients on various conditions and the latest innovations through blogs and videos: A blog posted on the website provides informative and relevant content to the target audience, thereby driving traffic/ prospective customers to the website. As a doctor your website can contain blogs and videos on aliments affecting your patients, latest treatments and technologies available in your field, most frequently searched medical conditions etc. Valuable information helps build trust in the website. Know more about the websites we have developed for our clients and the blogs we have posted for them, in order or get an idea for the same or you can reach out to us.

6. Video content:  Before and after videos on the health condition further provide clarity on the disease. Especially results from before a knee replacement and post the operation can positively impact the patient to choose your services over others.

7. To showcase Patient testimonials that help to increase the confidence of the patients: Gone are the day of congregating in town squares, meeting with each other and discussing a problem. Today personal interaction has gone down on account of geographical distance, nuclear families and ease of digital communication. Testimonials are digital expressions of one’s experience with the doctor. In the absence of personal talks with others facing similar ailments, a patient often reads the testimonials, which help establish credibility. Most testimonials are from real people who have already visited the doctor/clinic outlining their views and experience. The testimonials can be both in the form of written or video testimonials.

8. To run a customized Internet marketing campaign on social media to target potential patients to the website: Social media advertising can target specific groups of people basis demographics, behaviors or even geographical location. This helps to directly reach your potential patient. A medical digital agency will understand both the requirement of the doctor as well as that of the patient bringing them together through keyword targeting, behavioral targeting or running retarget ads. PPC (pay-per-click) ads on social media is the most effective way to reach users who are actively searching for your services. In addition, it provides the added advantage to pay only when someone clicks on the ad and visits your website.

9. Brand Image Building: Patients often associate brands with good quality. Just being a skilled doctor does not work today. It is equally important that as a Doctor you create a brand image for your practice. Branding means how patients perceive you and what kind of reputation you hold in their minds which is different from other doctors.

10. Bringing patients and doctors closer: Whether by online search or telemedicine, if a patient is able to reach you, the purpose of online marketing is met. Digital platforms have a wider reach and work as effectively as word-of-mouth publicity.

So as an orthopedic doctor understand what digital marketers have to offer to grow you practice and understand the winning strategy before signing up.

The Digital Saline team works with Doctors, Hospitals and Healthcare companies, to ensure that their online presence gets a boost. Our team of Doctors, digital marketing experts, web developers and graphic designers is dedicated to helping our clients grow digitally. Feel free to contact us to know more about the tailor-made solutions we can offer for you. Digital Saline is a unique healthcare advertising agency. At the helm a doctor who is an expert both in the medical as well as the digital field leads it. All medical technical matter is surmised by the doctor himself and then handed over to the team to present it in a way that is most effective to attract potential clients. Get the advantage today!

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