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One percent of all Google searches are related to medical symptoms. Every day there are approximately 3.5 billion Google searches online related to medical information only.

Currently, with over 460 million Internet users, India is the second largest online market. By 2021, there is expected to be about 635.8 million Internet users in India thereby reiterating the need for a stronger medical and healthcare representation in line with the Digital India Initiative.

In today’s competitive marketplace, hospitals, private practitioners, diagnostic centres and healthcare centres need a strong online presence to attract new patients to remain profitable. The doctors and medical specialists need to be visible on the search engines, on social media platforms, and in local directories since the growing Indian population especially in urban areas is increasingly relying on online searches for healthcare matters.

Medical practices have specialized marketing requirements. While they emphasize on local marketing, global new developments/ research/ latest techniques in the field of medicine are shared online. Similarly, while the search-engine-friendly website focuses on more conversions and patient retention, there is an underlying need for compliance with medical authorities.

It may be overwhelming for a Doctor to create a trustworthy brand and to quickly rise in the medical profession with a limited audience/patient list. This is where a digital agency with the know-how of the medical profession backed by market research, can intervene to prepare the right marketing strategy to achieve growth in the digital health care marketing sector.

The services offered by a digital agency encompasses:-
a.) Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization services and strategies help to get your website on Google ranked on page 1 in organic and local search results.

b.) Social media marketing (SMM): Social media marketing is becoming useful for both practitioners and researchers. Social media advertising also has built-in data analytics tools, which enable one to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Audiences increasingly are leaning more toward visual content. SMM offers options of videos where you can either get your physicians on camera speaking about their area of expertise or have videos of your latest medical advancements.

Now that you are aware of the importance of online healthcare services, it’s time to identify a credible healthcare digital marketing agency, which can handle your SEO and SMM.

Before you select the healthcare digital marketing agency with the right fit of services for your business, here’s what you need to ask: -

1.) What is the aim to go digital?
Is it for more patients to identify specialty health services offered by the hospital/clinic? Is it to increase the number of appointments to the hospital/clinic? Is it to maintain records of all patients? List every aim you have in mind to target the best media mix. However, with the constant state of flux in digital marketing, it is no secret that your aims will need to be re-evaluated at regular intervals to stay on top of the marketing game.

2.) Which digital agency should I work with?
Do a web search and you will be confused about which digital agency you should pick? A local service provider usually is the best bet since it understands the market and may also offer vernacular content online amongst its various SEO, SMM services offered. So look for various digital marketing companies who are located in your city and have also preferably previously worked with other medical clients.

3.) How do I know if the agency is credible?
Testimonials, agency awards, brand creation all point towards the credibility of the digital agency. The website of the agency itself is a window to its work, its services, its accolades. If an agency promises you an immediate No.1 ranking in Google search results or any other big numbers overnight, please take a step back to reconsider. This is so similar to selecting a perfect health insurance plan! After your meetings with the agency and shortlisting it, do read the terms and conditions and understand the contract before finalizing with the agency.

4.) Is the agency accountable and transparent?
The digital marketing agency should be able to send regular reports once your easy-to-navigate website is constructed. With Google Analytics, an agency can track your website traffic to transactions that were made through either your paid search or website. Also, traffic generated on social media marketing should be constantly monitored in line with the initial healthcare marketing plan. Reports should be made available to you, which will help you understand how effective your overall marketing strategy has been towards the numbers you had set out to achieve in the very beginning.

5.) Does the agency understand my needs and budget?
The agency you hire has to understand your passion and need for online marketing. They should be able to handle your campaign and make the decisions they think are right. In the end, it’s their expertise and your objective coming together towards achieving the set goals at the right price.

6.) Will the agency be able to provide long-term support?
In the world of digital marketing, it is good to work with a financially stable agency that has been in the business for some time handling varied clientele. Since digital marketing campaigns like SEO and email marketing do require a prolonged effort, partnering with a stable agency is important. If you keep changing agencies, starting over may not only cause a decline in short-term results but also may involve a great deal of additional cost and time.

7.) How much experience does this agency have in the field of medical marketing? Digital marketing agencies are plenty. But it is important to know the standing of the agency in terms of work done in medical marketing.

8.) Is the agency able to discuss Patient centered healthcare digital marketing strategies? Get to ascertain if there is a doctor in the digital marketing agency. That would surely be a plus point as the doctor can understand medical knowledge and share his insights of digital marketing with you.

9.) Patient Level reporting is important at every stage. A professional medical marketing agency aims at engaging patients while reducing costs. If you and the agency are on the same page, it is easy to reach the goal to get your Return on Investment.

10.) Consistency in work is another element to be discussed. The digital medical agency must be able to represent your business consistently throughout all media platforms. Especially in case of multi specialties, it is important that the patient feels a sense of continuity and not confusion when dealing with the clinic. Discuss how the agency plans to portray all specialties in equal frame to market them as multi services under same umbrella.

11.) How do I check results?
How to use a limited marketing budget for the best results is always a daunting task. But with tools to measure efficacy, it has become possible to track and attribute results of individual campaigns. Ensure your digital marketing strategy has a plan in place for managing your data that reflects your ROI metrics in terms of cost per lead (CPL), patient acquisition, admission rates, patient retention rate, patient engagement, referrals etc. Build your digital marketing campaigns using this data and keep altering campaigns in real-time if they are not producing the best results.

Conclusion: Having followed the above, you are now set to conclude on the selection of a credible healthcare digital marketing company near you. Start by preparing a checklist and checking out the most accessible agency in your location. Next will be to ascertain if the  company will offer a strategy that includes a mix of a user-friendly responsive website, search advertising, display advertising, blogs, search engine optimization, social media, social media marketing, offline email marketing, video content as required to achieve your objective. All online strategies must work together synergistically to drive response. It’s about Tying It All Together.

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