7 Reasons Why Doctors Should have a Digital Presence

Like all things today, the market has moved online and it makes sense that you market for your business where the eyeballs are. Digital Marketing for Doctors takes into account this aspect and works towards delivering results. In the following discussion we would enlist the positives from Digital marketing for Doctors and ways to make sure that you benefit from this form of marketing as well.

Doctors are governed by different regulation such as Medical council regulations and different codes of conduct due to which they cannot advertise themselves. However, Digital Marketing for Doctors is ideal for this purpose because without advertising you can still engage and make yourselves more visible in the digital world and reap its benefits. It is a big blessing because Digital marketing for doctors offers you the advantages that we are going to list below. Make sure you read through to the end of the article to get the necessary tips and feedback to help your practice grow.

1. Let's look at a situation where a potential patient is searching on the internet for a particular doctor. The person types in Google - Orthopaedic doctor near me or rather Orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai. Google comes up with many results. The page that you see is called a search engine results page. You are you will see advertisements as well as other websites which have come up in the search results.

The websites which have come up in the search results are referred to as organically ranked websites for the keyword that you've typed in. Digital Marketing for Doctors involves Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work for your website to help rank it higher on the first page of Google results. There are millions of search happening on Google everyday and you can imagine the boost it can offer for your practice once you start ranking on the Google search engine results page.

2. SEO is a very powerful tool and it requires ongoing efforts and works so that your website can rank higher. It also requires work including onpage and offpage Optimisation so that your website can rank for the relevant keywords. The process can take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year all even more.

However, if you started your practice and launched your website then you can go for Google AdWords in particular Google search network ads which occur when someone types in for that particular keyword. Popularly referred to as pay-per-click advertisements these Google ads can help showcase your practice to the patient who searching online for options offering the same service that you do. Google search network ads can be a powerful tool for Digital Marketing for doctors from the time your website gets launched.

3. One important factor that you cannot ignore is the quality of your website. Pay per click ads also takes into account the quality score of your website. Therefore it is essential that your website is easy to navigate as faster loading time, gives out your contact information to the relevant patient and has an SSL certificate to help with SEO as well as the voice searches which are becoming more popular day by day.

The importance of a great website cannot be stressed enough because it will be the backbone for Digital Marketing for Doctors. Make sure that you add content with relevant keywords for your practice. However, do not try to overdo to the same because there is a chance that Google might consider it as spamming and thereby stop ranking your website. You can benefit greatly if you work consistently and follow the above points to ensure the successful practice of digital marketing for doctors.

4. As widely recognised, “patient engagement is the blockbuster Drug of the century”. there is data to suggest that an Engaged patient has better outcomes when compared to others. Digital marketing for doctors should involve the appropriate use of social media marketing channels such as YouTube and Facebook to reach out to your patient population and engage them for better clinical outcomes.

Facebook has millions of members around the world. If you want to get started with digital marketing for doctors start by creating pages for them on different social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter as well. If you give a few minutes of your time giving free advice on the social media you are likely to benefit tremendously from the engagement that you could have from these channels.

5. Another key important aspect of digital marketing for doctors involves online reputation management. Doctors need to list their clinic details on Google my business In order to help patients find them, their clinic location as well as reviews for their practice when searched on Google. Your address and a few other details may be verified for the same by Google my business account.

Clients and patients would give their reviews and feedback for your practice. Sometimes the reviews maybe genuine, at others it might be a competitor or an unhappy sacked employee or a patient who uses the platform to settle scores with you.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you respond back to the unpleasant comments, handling them with sensitivity and empathy and this is a key factor when looking out for the best practices for Digital Marketing for doctors. Issues like this one can cause a lot of heartburn but we have to learn to deal with them in order to persist and progress in today's digital world.

6. Use videos to build credibility. You Tube has millions on videos. As a doctor use this tool to provide insight of a disease or to share latest technological advances. Video marketing is the most effective digital marketing tool that helps to further build trust and creditability.

7. Try the multilingual approach. With digital marketing having wider reach, your digital agency can propose marketing campaigns in regional languages. With the far reach of internet even in villages of India, it is opening up new opportunities for telemedicine. It is important to recognize that most of potential patients are living in the digital world. They do a virtual background search on your specialty and reputation before they make the first move towards your clinic. Therefore, it is imperative the doctor/medical practitioner is on the digital platform and can be easily searched.

The above mentioned five points highlight the benefits that can be achieved by successful Digital Marketing for Doctors. An agency that understands the Healthcare dynamics and has previous experience in digital marketing for doctors can do wonders for your practice. When compared to other means of marketing, digital marketing for doctors not only stands tall but has also become need of the hour because of the changing dynamics today's world where more people are going online and looking for all kinds of information on the internet.

Today with doctors starting their own clinics, digital marketing for doctors practice has become even more significant to help establish the practice. From setting up a website, to branding, to having a presence on social media platforms, to contributing to blog posts and webinars, every aspect of digital marketing in healthcare or medical advertising plays a crucial role get the best and immediate results for the doctor.

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