5 Ways to use the Digital Platform for Medical Advertising

Any advertising done with respect to medical or healthcare sector would undergo scrutiny for the claims the company makes for their products or services. It is easier for OTC or over the counter products to claim health benefits for their nutritional products or supplements.

Pharmaceutical drugs and those especially that need a Doctor's prescription cannot be advertised freely and therefore Medical Advertising here needs to take into account the channels they would want to use to drive their products and sales for their business.

Here we have listed a few techniques for effective medical advertising using the digital route:

1.) Social media for engagement and brand awareness- No matter if you are a retail medical shop or a big pharmaceutical giant, you have to generate the necessary vibe on social media, especially if your products are delivered directly to a consumer. In particular, for Over the counter products, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are a boon for creating brand awareness for them. So make sure to get started with your Company page and start creating brand awareness advertisements targeting the region and demographic that you want to showcase your products to. The biggest advantage of healthcare digital marketing is that it helps to define your target audience unlike print and other traditional advertising which was more generic in kind. A well-known digital marketing agency who has dealt with promoting medical products and handled digital marketing for pharmaceuticals will have a knowledge base of local laws relating to medical advertising. An effective digital marketing strategy not only will ensure that you reach the right audience, engage them, convert them into buyers of your product but also ensure you are abiding with the law. Medical advertisements by pharma companies, doctors, hospitals is now common.

2.) Videos for content- More than pictures, videos which catch the audience's attention should be used as the preferred creative options when you are looking at posts for Facebook or Instagram page. A few platforms like Animoto, Videoscribe, Crello and others can be of huge help where you can get started with video creation and add value to your medical advertising plan. Another important aspect is to keep the videos short, to the point and make sure you convey your call to action as well in a matter of a few seconds if possible.

3.) Go live on Facebook with your events or start an active discussion with Doctors or your customer. Ideal practice for medical advertising involves asking for their feedback or experience so that many viewers are able to get notified when your page goes live. That is one of the notifications that Facebook showcases above the rest and make sure you make the most out of it for cost effective yet effective engagement for your brand or product. Make sure you get enough page likes or followers so that these people get notified once you do go live.

4.) Start a webinar for medical advertising– If your product or service involves selling directly to Doctors, a webinar including key opinion leaders addressing the crowd that needs to be influenced can be a great cost effective way for engaging the targeted population. Physician engagement through medical educational webinars or online certificate courses should help with the right brand awareness for your medical advertising needs.

5.) Email marketing for medical advertising- Many would not believe this but there is good data to suggest that email marketing does work wonders for promoting your business online. Also at times it can be very cost effective and help in reaching customers and engage them over a series of well- planned emails. Ideally, it would be good if you can have a mailing list of Doctors or customers that you would want to specifically target for your email marketing campaigns. There are many tools including MailChimp and others which will help you in reaching out to a wide number of people that you are looking forward to target for your business.

Once the techniques are followed, the digital marketing agency will further assist by-

1. Ensuring the website is mobile friendly: With more and more persons searching the Internet on their mobiles, it is extremely important that your website is mobile enabled.

2. Assimilating the data: There maybe large amounts of data generated. Is the data being stored and applied in the right direction? The digital marketing agency is able to use data to streamline their advertising campaigns.

3. Sharing the metrics. Healthcare companies can now avail of the metrics that measure their campaign success. This will help to understand the ROI.

4. Appraising on competition: Healthcare digital marketing agencies who have already worked in similar areas can share core information on branding, mobile marketing, media planning, etc. which have successfully worked for healthcare companies.

The above points discuss in details the points that can be used for reaching out and engaging your targeted audience efficiently as well as cost effectively for your medical advertising needs. We at Digital saline work with startups as well as established organizations, Doctors and hospitals as well for addressing their medical advertising needs.

Being Mumbai’s top healthcare digital marketing agency, we ensure that we deliver the most knowledgeable and professional services to the healthcare sectors in line with their specific requirement and budget. Feel free to get in touch with us for any of your medical advertising needs.

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