5 easy ways of leveraging the Digital Medium for Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing has always been about concept selling. A lot of budget for a multinational innovator pharmaceutical company is spent on research and development. And it is a known fact that very few drugs actually reach the stage where they are launched for use in humans.
A lot of data is generated in the process and different teams including the clinical development team, the medical team, the marketing and sales team work towards building relevant concepts and making sure that these concepts are percolated throughout the medical fraternity.

When such a new concept is launched pharmaceutical marketing involves using different platforms such as participating in medical conferences, training the speakers to highlight their products in a positive light to the audience present. Medical reps wood then fix appointments with a doctor to discuss along the lines of communication and create more awareness for the newly launched products.

This is good when you have an innovative product where doctors and the medical fraternity want to know more about the same. However most of the Pharmaceutical manufacturers and markets generic Pharmaceutical products.

As such doctors are increasingly finding it difficult to find value in the time spent with medical representatives who would want to discuss a product which is available in the market for any number of years. With new regulations coming in, pharmaceutical marketing is facing the challenge of finding newer ways of engaging with doctors.

Listed below are a few easy ways of leveraging the digital medium in order to reduce cost and get better results for your pharmaceutical marketing expenses.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching out to your targeted audience and convey your message. Pharmaceutical companies have a list of doctors which their representatives target, email addresses of doctor can be used to send across a series of emails highlighting the information both positive and negative about your product. These emails can also be used to engage them in certain online contests if required.

Dynamic interactive website for your product- Any doctor or Healthcare professional should be directed to your website to find more information and should be guided to send in queries through a contact form on your website. Similarly, a physician engagement program with online experience sharing with your opinion leaders across the globe can be of huge benefit for your product and your brand.

Engage with patients on social media: if your drug or product is for therapy area such as diabetes which makes an impact for a wide population base, then you should proactively take steps to engage with the population at large. Share information regarding your product regarding the therapy area and also it to connect with the local doctors who are using your products. Building a community on social media for your targeted therapy area can be useful for your Pharmaceutical Marketing strategy.

Online reputation management- make sure that you respond to your customers or physician who has put in feedback for having expressed concerns about your product on a platform such as Google Quora and others. Pharmaceutical marketing cannot ignore these comments and it would be beneficial if you reply to both positive and negative comments with the same sensibility and empathy.

Retargeting through display network ads: Patients and doctors who visited your website should be the targeted through Google display network ads to help showcase certain highlights of your products to your targetted doctors or patients, which is applicable to OTC product.

Listed above are 5 strategies for pharmaceutical companies to use the digital marketing platform for planning and executing their Pharmaceutical Marketing strategies.

With the changing dynamics of the Healthcare market, pharmaceutical marketing will also evolve in order to stay relevant to the targeted customers. Although the earlier model of repeated meetings by Pharmaceutical sales executive to these doctors has yielded results in the past. in today's changing world, Pharmaceutical marketing will find the same strategy not working that effectively, particularly for their generic products.

Using the digital platform for Pharmaceutical Marketing has its advantages including targeting customers as per the demographic interest and also being able to retarget them cost-effectively. The pharmaceutical salesperson will always have a role to play in pharmaceutical marketing. However digital pharmaceutical marketing when done effectively will help the company with much better results which go above and beyond the traditional pharmaceutical marketing practices.

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