3 Ways to Effectively use the Digital Platform for Medical Marketing

Medical marketing or rather medico-marketing is a term commonly used in the Pharmaceutical business vocabulary. A good pharmaceutical company has a medical team who work for a hand in glove with the marketing team to develop concepts that the team wish to communicate and harp upon in the subsequent communication to Doctors.

If the target audience is doctors, the medical team plays a crucial role in pharmaceutical medical marketing. Also, a lot of emphases is on the validity and accuracy of the data that goes into the creatives that are designed for use by medical representatives for discussing with their doctors.

The team can come up with a lot of concepts when they are dealing with an innovative product or one which has a lot of data being generated day in and day out to support the cause. however, since most of the products are generic and there is a lack of any new data the team struggle to come up with new concepts to discuss.

In such a scenario even the doctors find very little value in their discussions with the medical representatives of these companies. The digital platform is the need of the hour in order to make medical marketing more relevant to today's world.

Below we discuss three easy and effective ways to yield the power of digital for medical marketing.

Engage your doctor's online. Reach out of them on different social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn through online educational programs or discussions. Facebook live can be a very useful tool for you to engage with your doctors who can prescribe your products. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) should be invited to talk on the data that needs to be presented and these social media channels can be a cost effective way to reach out to these customers. Similarly, patients can be engaged by inviting top doctors from the respective field ’s to address the common queries posed by patients. This will be a great action plan to get started with medical marketing by using the digital platform.

Use email to spread the word: Medical marketing needs to utilise email marketing in order to reach out to their potential customers. This needs to be followed by a series of well-drafted emails. The emails need to be informative, engaging, to the point and keep the audience hooked on for more. There are different tools which can be used to send bulk emails and medical marketing needs to take full advantage of the same.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your product’s website - Make sure that your product has a dedicated website for your flagship content, at least two dedicated pages on your company website. there should be ongoing work for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to rank the website higher when the concerned patient a doctor is looking out for information with respect to your product. A good website is the backbone of any digital marketing and is the same for medical marketing as well.

Manage your reputation online- It may happen that a patient who has experienced an adverse reaction with a product and has made it a point to mention about the same on Google reviews or comment regarding the same on forums such as Quora and others. Organizations have become very proactive in addressing customer complaints particularly if the issue has been raised on platforms such as Twitter and others. Medical marketing should make sure that complaints from both the doctors and patients are looked into and handled with sensibility and empathy.

Medical marketing will definitely evolve and embrace the digital route to achieve its goals more cost effectively in the days to come. We at Digital Saline are specialized healthcare focussed Digital marketing agency and have worked with different clients for medical marketing as per their requirements. We will be glad to offer you solutions for your medical marketing needs which will be tailored to your needs and will have digital at its core strategy to achieve the best results for your products.

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