Healthcare Digital Marketing

At Digital Saline, we specialize in digital marketing for doctors, digital marketing for hospitals, digital marketing for healthcare companies and digital marketing for healthcare startups as well. With a Doctor at the helm who combines his knowledge of medicine and his experience of working in the medico-marketing team for different Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies with his digital marketing acumen, you can be assured of the best healthcare marketing strategy development and execution for your organization or practice.

Our Healthcare digital marketing profile includes Building websites for conversions, doing Search Engine optimization (SEO) to help you rank higher on Google Search engine results page, doing Pay per click (PPC) or Search engine marketing (SEM) to help showcase your advertisements for the relevant keywords. Work also includes Online reputation management, Social media marketing. with the latest in - class creative’s such as blogs, videos, info graphics and much more for building your brand and engaging with your customers.



What's your rank when people search for your relevant business on GOOGLE? What are the different online opportunities to reach relevant patients? What are your competitors doing? Are you paying another website to rank you higher on its platform? How SEO can help your website rank higher on GOOGLE search? Know a lot more by scheduling your free consult

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Digital Saline’s Healthcare Podcast

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Our Podcast
Our Podcast



We understand your practice or Healthcare business. Know what's working and what could be improved further

Development of plan

Our team of Medical Doctors, digital marketers and strategists look at creative development, digital planning and other strategies for developing a plan that suits your business needs


We look at managing the different aspects of digital marketing plan such as SEO, SMM, media buying and planning and others

Data Analysis and Optimization

We would constantly review the data from different analytics reports and tweak the same for optimum results

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Free E-Book

To help you understand the digital space and its impact on healthcare, we have compiled an E-book, which has valuable insights to help you in your digital marketing journey. It has the right knowledge and tools being discussed which you can use to learn and grow.